How is Bilona Ghee Made: Step by Step Process

  • Aug 21, 2023
  • By Amith Kishan
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Bilona ghee, revered for its purity and nutritional richness, is a traditional form of clarified butter that follows a meticulous process to extract the essence of butter from milk. This ancient technique involves churning curd to obtain butter and then slow-cooking it to produce a golden elixir known as bilona ghee. Let's explore the step-by-step journey of how bilona ghee is crafted, preserving the essence of centuries-old wisdom.

Step 1: Sourcing High-Quality Milk

The journey of bilona ghee online begins with the selection of high-quality milk. The milk is sourced from indigenous cattle breeds known for their A2 protein-rich milk, which forms the foundation of authentic bilona ghee.

Step 2: Culturing Milk into Curd

The milk is allowed to naturally culture, transforming it into curd. The curd not only adds flavor but also aids in separating the milk solids from the liquid portion.

Step 3: Churning the Curd

The curd is carefully churned using traditional methods. This process separates the butterfat from the buttermilk. The butterfat forms clumps, which are removed and set aside for further processing.

Step 4: Collecting Butter

The collected butter is then gently rinsed with cold water to remove any residual buttermilk. This step contributes to the purity and longevity of the ghee.

Step 5: Slow Cooking

The butter is placed in a heavy-bottomed vessel and heated over a slow flame. The slow cooking process allows the water content to evaporate, leaving behind the pure butterfat.

Step 6: Clarification

As the butterfat heats, it undergoes a process of clarification. Impurities, milk solids, and water separate from the golden liquid, sinking to the bottom of the vessel. This impurity separation enhances the ghee's texture, flavor, and shelf life.

Step 7: Skimming and Straining

As the ghee clarifies, it's carefully skimmed to remove any remaining milk solids. The pure liquid gold is then strained through fine muslin cloth to ensure the removal of any residue.

Step 8: Obtaining Bilona desi Ghee

The result is a golden-hued, fragrant, and nutrient-dense bilona desi ghee. Its rich aroma and distinct flavor stem from the traditional method, as the slow cooking process allows the ghee to develop its unique characteristics.

Step 9: Storing and Enjoying

Once prepared, bilona ghee is stored in airtight containers to preserve its freshness and aroma. It's ready to be savored, used in cooking, or enjoyed with a variety of foods for its healthful and gastronomical benefits.

In Conclusion

Bilona ghee is not just a culinary marvel; it's a tribute to the wisdom of our ancestors who understood the intricate relationship between milk, butter, and health. The labor-intensive process of bilona ghee making yields a product of unmatched purity, nutritional richness, and flavorful depth. Each step in this ancient art of ghee making contributes to the final product's remarkable quality and timeless appeal.