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From indigenous varieties of brinjals and groundnut to gangabhavani coconuts, white chickpeas, and pulses like toor (pigeon pea), moong (green gram), urad (black gram), we are a community of farmers who grow about 40 varieties of food grains and vegetables besides dairy products and vegetable oils on our farms in Penukonda. We found to revolutionise the way India eats and be a part of every Indian household with our organic, healthy and pure pantry essentials.

About Us
About Us

Why should you choose us?

1) PERFECT MIX OF INDIAN BREEDS: Gir breeds are well acclimatised, tick/disease-resistant, heat-tolerant and noted for their high resistance to parasites, both internal and external. They require less medical treatment, which reduces the medical traces/footprint in the milk leading to keeping the milk in its purest form. We have over 12 breeds of purebred desi cows on our farms.

2) ORGANIC FODDER: The fodder is grown and harvested in the most natural way using desi cow dung/urine and completely free from chemical fertilisers insecticides & pesticides. The cows are allowed to graze in open grassland for several hours which is unaffected by noise, water, air pollution of any sort. Thus, our cows are in the best of mental and physical state.

3) ECO-FRIENDLY SETUP: Minimal use of plastics, cement, concrete, chemicals, diesel, tractor etc. and emphasis on using bullock carts and traditional farming is the key factor in reducing the carbon footprint thus making the farm extremely eco-friendly which further ensures that the milk we provide is indeed pure and has healing properties.

4) TRANSPARENCY/ QUALITY AT ITS BEST: On demand, we are ready to perform the various milk tests at our esteemed customers’ doorstep, to provide them the needed assurance about the purity of our A2 milk. The tests performed will be starch test, water test, chemical (Vanaspati/Dalda, formalin, synthetic milk etc.) test, adulteration test and urea test.

5) NON-HOMOGENISED & NON-PASTEURISED: Desi Gir cow milk is available in its most raw and purest form. NON-HOMOGENISED & NON-PASTEURISED: Desi Gir cow milk is available in its most raw and purest form.

6) DAILY DOORSTEP DELIVERY: We deliver Desi Gir cow milk at your doorstep.

7) A HIGHLY TRAINED TEAM: Whether it’s milking cows, maintaining hygiene, churning the ghee, packaging or logistics, we have a highly trained team on board.

8) CERTIFIED/ ACCREDITED BY: We have FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), USDA Organic certification, Jaivik Bharat Certification and others.