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Wood pressed Coconut Oil - Hebbevu Fresh

Wood pressed Coconut Oil - Hebbevu Fresh

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About Product

Our organically farm-grown coconuts are used to extract coconut oil using a traditional wooden pressed method like in the olden days to induce pure and Wooden Pressed coconut oil. The wood-pressing method ensures that each nutrient and rich taste are retained. Our coconut oil is full of essential nutrients and is right for your cooking, baking, oil pulling, skin, and hair care!


Dried Coconuts (100%)

How to Use

Cooking, salad dressing. hair oil pulling, and skin massage.

Storage and Usage

Store in a cool and dry place, Avoid direct sunlight.

Our wood-pressed coconut oil is pure without any additives and preservatives. Free from Sulphur and other chemicals. It includes capric, caprylic, and saturated fatty acids which enhance the sensation of fullness and reduce overall food intake. in the keto diet, you burn fat for fuel rather than carbs and coconut oil is pure fat with a high absorption rate making it best for keto diets. Over 90% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated, which makes it highly heat resistant and great for frying. 

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