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Ksheera A2 Creamy Thick Curd

Ksheera A2 Creamy Thick Curd

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About the Product

We understand the importance of good, healthy curd and that is why we bring you the best possible curd that is easy to love, really hard to share! This thick, creamy & healthy Dahi is made with farm-fresh milk & natural culture with no artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Curd is an integral part of Indian households. It is used in the preparation of many cuisines, raita, salads, and also in drinks like Lassi and buttermilk. We understand that every Indian household has its own recipe for curd and therefore, we bring you 100% Farm Fresh Curd.


Pasteurized Toned Milk, Milk Solids, Active Lactic Culture.

Storage and Uses

  • Store under refrigeration.
  • Consume immediately once opened.

100 % Fresh Curd Direct From Farm

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